Friday, September 30, 2011

Chops, Sweet Potato, & Peaches

I had put my 2 pork chops in marinade at 9 AM. My marinade was 1 quart of water, 1 TBS kosher salt, I TBS brown sugar, 1 TBS soy sauce, a few splashes of Worcestershire sauce, & some garlic flakes.
After I fried up some potatoes & got my fatty stuffer cylinder full & in the fridge, I had about 3 hours to relax before fixing supper. I was having fun watching the hummingbirds, they should be well south of here on their migration. I think I have two that were born here & reluctant to leave & still have some coming through from the north. At one time I seen 4 in a duel that looked like a WWI dog fight. It was 58 deg. out but the coldest 58 I ever felt, I ended up with a lined Levi jacket & a stocking hat, my ears were cold. It was damp & we had a 20mph breeze & 30 mph gusts.
I took my chops out, drained & on a rack and in the fridge to dry some an hour before my cook. I cut the sweet potato in half, 3 pats of butter, a little brown sugar, & a drizzle of maple syrup in the center, & wrapped in foil to cook. The peaches were from CA & about as large as I have seen. I cut them in half, seeded & brushed on a little melted butter.
I fired up my Traeger & set to 300 deg. I put the sweet potato on 10 min. before the chops. I seasoned the chops with a light coat of my favorite rib rub & would do them for an hour, not turning. The peaches would go on cut side down for 15 min, then turn & a little maple syrup in the center & sprinkle with brown sugar and do another 15 min. After I got the peaches on the smoker was dropping about 40 deg when I opened the lid from the wind so I upped the temp to 325 deg for the last half hour. All came out good. I served my wife then myself. Even thought the sweet potatoes have the sugar on them I always have to have a little butter, salt & pepper. I like the sweet, salty taste. Some of the best chops I have made, very tender & moist. These chops were about 5/8” thick so thicker ones may take longer, but I will stay with this temp & method. The peaches complimented the chops. My wife said a bite of peach & chop together was good.

Chops marinated

Sweet Potato


Peaches ready for the smoker

On the smoker

My Plate

Smokin Don

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