Saturday, September 23, 2017

Crisbee to season my vintage Wapak Skillet

09 23 2017

I had heard about a product to season cast iron when I ordered my Stargazer CI skillet. It is a mix of oils and beeswax. My skillet came unseasoned and I used the Crisbee Stik to season it. The outside was a nice black color but the inside was a light brown. After using it it looked like the seasoning was coming off. I ran it through a self cleaning cycle in my oven to remove all and redo with grape seed oil.

A good authority on cast iron said he had the same problem with the Stargazer and said the inside was actually too smooth for the Crisbee to stick to it.

Our son gave me a vintage Wapak Holloware Z logo skillet for a gift. I had one that was a smooth bottom but it was warped some and just used it to bake in, mostly cornbread. This one has a heat ring and sets solid so I hope I can use it on my glass top stove.

The skillet actually looked like I could just clean and use but the bottom had grease caked on some so I decided to redo it. I used a wire wheel to clean the bottom and ran it through a self-cleaning cycle in my oven. It had a lot of rust on it so I used some fine steel wool to take off what I could get off.

I decided to give Crisbee another chance. I heated it to 200 deg. applied some Crisbee and wiped off all I could with Scott’s blue towels. It went back in the oven to 300 deg. then wiped again with the blue towels and went to 500 deg. I let it set at 500 deg. For an hour then shut off to cool. I did this two more times but just went to 400 deg. It looked nice and black when done. I fried up a pound of bacon in it to break it in good. Had to have BLT’s with it! I am happy with the Crisbee the second time around and will see how it holds up as I use it more.

Re-seasoned and one use

Pulled Pork and Salsa Potato Salad

09 23 2017

I have been lax about getting my cooks posted so need to get back in the groove. A while back I got an 11 pound pork butt on sale for $1.40 a pound so I couldn’t pass it up.

I had wanted to try what was Eli’s, Cincinnati Ohio, rub of brown sugar, salt and pepper. I got the butt on at 4:00 AM at 250 deg. on my Traeger. At about 7:30 I had a fire that I figured was grease and brown sugar. I shut the smoker down, I had 150 deg. IT in the butt. I placed it in a pan it just fit on a rack and covered with foil. I finished it in my oven at 300 deg. to an IT of 205 deg. After it cooled an hour I pulled it and added some of the degreased pan juices. It was really tender and pulled easily by hand.

I was having sandwiches with Stubbs original sauce and some fried green tomato flavored potato chips. I had made up a new potato salad recipe all the family likes with salsa in it. The recipe is:
2 pound baby Dutch, or any potatoes steamed.
2 heaping TBS. sour cream
1 heaping TBS mayo, Hellman’s or Duke’s preferred.
4 teaspoons salsa, I used Newman’s Own mild
1/2 to one sweet onion sliced thin
Salt & pepper to taste.

Mix all together and let chill a couple hours before serving.

Pork Butt

Ready to smoke

Moved to the oven

Done and cooling


For the potato salad

My supper

Friday, September 8, 2017

Cooking Light before Labor Day

No I didn’t mean light food I meant light duty on the cook! I was also trying to get caught up on some summer food before it is over. One night we had a sausage patty and some jowl bacon for BLT’s. My wife thought it would be too greasy but she said it was good. I did the sausage and bacon on my Traeger.

One night we had spaghetti squash with shrimp scampi and that was good.

One of my favorite additions to sandwiches is potato chips, especially bologna and burgers. My favorite bologna is from my butcher, old fashioned bung bologna. Lay’s came out with a new flavor of wavy chips, fried green tomatoes that I like. I had two half inch slices cut for sandwiches. I cut all the way around the slices an inch apart and an inch toward the center. I smeared on a little mustard and added some rub.

I smoked them on my Traeger for an hour at 250 deg. Then I grilled them and toasted buns on my Weber gas grill. I made up the sandwiches, mustard for me mayo for the wife, topped with the fried green tomato chips and lettuce. Now that was a good bologna sandwich.

My supper

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

My Take on Killer Burgers W/ Corn on the Cob

Aug 23 2017

Someone on LTBBQ forum said peanut butter was good on hamburgers! At the time I turned up my nose.Then on the net I read about Killer Burgers, a burger joint in Portland Oregon. They are made with peanut butter, bacon and dill pickles. There are 7 of the Killer Burger joints in Portland and many more have burgers with the same ingredients and different takes on it. Looks like the key ingredients are the peanut butter, bacon and pickles that are said to give a umami taste.

I had some fresh picked sweet corn and decided to try the Killer Burgers with it, there’s may be better since they have their secret peanut butter mix and other sauce.

I cooked up some jowl bacon on my Traeger. A pellet smoker is the best for doing bacon with no mess. I did the corn in my Instant Pot, 8 minutes on Steam and on warm hold about 10 minutes.
I decided to stay with plane Duke’s Mayo on both buns, the burger with PB, 2 slices of jowl bacon, 2 slices of Claussen’s dill pickles and added a slice of iceberg lettuce to the top.

I did the burgers 4 minutes per side and toasted the buns and added the peanut butter the last 2 minutes. I sliced up some muskmelon as a side. I got my burgers a little on the small side but was enough to eat. I liked them better than the wife did. The first bite I could taste peanut butter but then it was more like one flavor. I would fix them again.

Slicing & smoking the jowl bacon

Burgers & buns on the grill

PB added to burgers

Steamed corn

My supper

Tasted good!

Meatloaf, Mashed, Peas & Gravy

08 23 2017

I had an outpatient procedure at the hospital Monday so wanted something easy to digest. I was hungry for meatloaf so I fixed my wife’s favorite; a recipe from Lipton soups. My favorite sides to have with meatloaf are mashed potatoes, peas or corn and country gravy.

I did the meatloaf on my Traeger, at 250 deg. grill level for about 40 minutes and then went to about 285 deg. grill ; level for another hour for 165 deg. IT.My sides was some Bob Even’s white cheddar mashed potatoes and some frozen peas. For my gravy I made Pioneer brand country gravy. Using store bought sides makes this an easy meal.

I had some sourdough bread I toasted as garlic bread under the broiler. It all tasted pretty good!

Meatloaf ready to smoke

Done on the smoker


My supper

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Pulled Beef Sandwiches

Aug 17 2017

Sometimes when you try a different cooking method it works but this time it wasn’t the best. Usually when I do a beef chuck roast to pull I take it to 160 deg. IT and then in a pan with liquid up halfway on the meat, cover with foil and braise it until the IT is 195 to 205 deg.

This time I decided to wrap with butcher paper for the final cooking. I wanted the beef with just salt, pepper, garlic and onion; this would make it nice to freeze and save for other recipes.

I had a nice 4 pound chuck from my butcher. I trimmed some of the fat and then added Kosher salt to dry brine overnight in the fridge. When ready to cook I added some fresh ground pepper and then on my Traeger heated to 250 deg. Grill level. I got it on a little after 7 AM.

I made some broth with better than bullion. At 11:15 it was staying at 160 deg. I placed it in two layers of butcher paper added some dried garlic, 3 slices of onions for flavor and moisture and I mopped it with some of the broth. It went back on the smoker and upped the temp to about 300 deg. Grill level.

At 1:45 it was up to 196 deg. IT. I removed it to a pan and then in my oven to rest for an hour.
When I tried to pull it I could see it wasn’t going to work so I sliced it up. It had a nice smoke ring and good flavor, pretty tender but not overly moist. I added some of the broth and in the fridge until supper time.

A good neighbor had given me some nice tomatoes and cucumbers. I made some vinegar and oil marinated cukes, tomatoes, sweet onion and garlic. I just by ear and add about ⅓ cup of vinegar and 2 or 3 swirls of olive oil. I used white wine vinegar and like it heavy over the oil.

For supper I had some potato sandwich thins and toasted for sandwiches. We heated the beef in the microwave. My wife had mustard and dill pickles on hers, I didn’t think the dill pickles would go with the sour tomato cuke salad so I had some of the pickled onions on mine. We had some leftover potato salad we finished up too.

In spite of having pulled beef like I wanted the sandwiches were pretty good.

Beef ready to smoke

Ready to wrap

Added onions, garlic and broth

Wrapped on the smoker

After resting


For my salad

All mixed

My salad

My supper