Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Some New Spices

Jul 19 2017

I just got a package from amazon, 3 jars of Jack Stacks seasonings, Trader Joe's Chili Lime seasoning and some HP sauce.

The HP sauce is a favorite in England and called a brown sauce, tasting it, it is sweet and sour. It's a little like AI only sweet and sour.

I used to use Coulula's chili lime seasoning for chicken but can no longer find it so wanted to try some of the Trader Joe's.

I have a recipe for Jack Stacks wings and the son and I agree the best I ever made so wanted to try their seasoning rubs. A taste test they have great flavor but might be too salty for me. I will try to update this as I use them all.

Jul 20 2017

I had leftover chicken and corn to make tacos. That would be perfect for trying Trader Joe's Chili lime seasoning. I heated up the chicken with a little Maxene chili powder and heated the corn.

I heated up some soft flour tortillas and made one for me with the chicken, corn, chili lime seasoning and shredded taco cheese. The chili lime was good! My wife had one without the chili lime and had salsa and sour cream with hers.

We both had seconds and the wife tried the chili lime and liked it. I had some sour cream on my second one. I think the chili lime will be great for chicken.

Jul 20 2017
I had a brat and some corn for my lunch today. I tried the HP sauce on the brat. I liked it better than I though I would. I think it would be good on sandwiches too.

Cheese Brats and Leftovers

ul 19 2017

Brats are fairly quick to cook for an easy meal. I like simmer them in beer for 10 to 15 minutes first. Then I usually throw them on my pellet smoker set at 250 deg. They will be done in 45 minutes to an hour, above 160 deg. I like them this way if we are just eating them on a plate, for sandwiches I like them browned up on my gas grill. I got the brats from my butcher who makes 17 different fresh brats.

For sides I had some Greek salad leftover and some corn I had cut off the cob. I fried the corn in a skillet with some butter and a little half and half cream.

The brats were done on my Traeger and were all above 160 deg. in 45 minutes. I had some of my Eli's BBQ sauce for my brat my wife had sauerkraut with hers. All tasted great and it was good to have some good corn cut from fresh local corn.

  The cheese brats

Brats are done

Frying the corn

Brats are ready to serve

My salad

My supper

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Smoked Chicken, New Potatoes & Greek Salad

ul 18 2017

This was my Sunday supper, after supper I had to fast for a test at the hospital Monday. Everything came out well. My dog is also sick and needs his teeth cleaned, I took him to the vet today, they started him on antibiotics and he gets them cleaned Friday.

Spatchcocking chicken and doing on my pellet smoker is my favorite way to do chicken. I usually brine them overnight in a half gallon of water, 1/3 cup of coarse Kosher salt and about a 1/3 cup of sugar, white or brown.

After brining overnight I let ir air dry in the fridge about 2 hours. I then cut two slits in each breast and one in each leg. I wet down some with red wine vinegar, added smoked paprika and Penzey's Galena St. rub and rubbed it all in. It went in the fridge a couple hours before smoking.

My Greek salad was a red pepper, large garden tomato, a half an English cucumber, med. Sweet onion, dried garlic flakes, Italian blend seasoning, a little dried parsley, salt, pepper 4 or 5 turns of olive oil and a few chugs of red wine vinegar. I had feta cheese to serve on top.

The chicken went on my Traeger for 45 minutes of smoke, 250 deg. Grill level then went to 300 deg. Grill level and took just over and hour to get to 165 deg.

I trimmed some new red potatoes and steamed in my instant pot for 10 minutes. I added 4 pats of butter and coarse salt and tossed to coat. They went in a grill basket and on the smoker the last half hour.

I toasted some of the Asiago Ciabata buns to have with my supper. It all tasted great, chicken was very moist and tender.

For the Greek Salad

The salad

Chicken ready to smoke

Chicken & Potatoes done

Chicken resting

My salad

My supper

Saturday, July 15, 2017

BLT's on Asiago Ciabata Buns

 BLTs on Asiago Ciabata Buns

Jul 15 2017

In my opinion there is no better way to fry bacon than on a pellet smoker. No mess on your stove top and probably better for you since a lot of the fat drains off and it's not frying in it's own fat. I do mine at about 300 deg. grill level and usually takes from an hour to an hour and a half. You also get double smoke dbacon

I had some Asiago Ciabata buns, fresh garden tomatoes and iceberg lettuce to use. My
wife just has mayo on hers. I am more particular, I want mustard on the bottom, 3 layers of bacon, the tomato, the lettuce and mayo on the top.

That sure tasted good and I managed to get a second sandwich down!

Bacon on my Traeger

My supper

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Bourdains Pork Cutlet

Jul 13 2017

I would porobably passed this over but it was one of Anthony Bourdains favorite foods.
He is one of my cooking heroes. It all sounded good except for the five spice powder
I don't care for it at all.
I got 3 pork boneless center cut pork chops from my butcher and pounded them out to
near a ¼ inch. I mixed up the marinade leaving out the five spice powder. I placed it in
a plastic bag and in the fridge 5 hours. I turned it several times.

When it was time to cook I drained and wiped the cutlets. I dredged in flour, eggs, andPanko bread crumbs.I heated two CS skillets with enough olive oil to cover the bottom on med heat for 5 minutes. I did them for about 5 minutes per side. 

They were too large for buns and hehad said to serve on bread. All I had was some cinnamon bread I toasted. Since the 5 spice powder had cinnamon in it I thought it might be good and it was!

We had a mixed Romaine salad with fresh tomatoes and parmesan wafers. The wafers are something new and great in a salad. When my wife took a bite of her sandwich she said wow that's good! It was a good supper and will be fixing them again.     

Click Here for printable recipe

For the marinade

Don't forget the garlic!

In the marinade

For the breading


My salad

My supper

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Brine Pickled Celery

Brine pickled celery

Jul 11 2017

I ran across this the other day, never thought of using celery. It is one of my favorite veggies so should be good. I have a quart started and should be ready in two weeks.

Brine Pickled Celery
  • 1 small bunch of celery
  • 2 garlic cloves, smashed
  • 1/4 onion, sliced
  • 1 bunch of fresh dill I used dry dill about 1 tsp.
  • 2% brine solution (19 gms salt per 1 quart water) I used 3 Tbs coarse salt
Trim celery and cut into pieces to fit your jar.  Stuff celery in a quart sized mason jar (you might need 2 jars depending on how much celery you have).  Insert garlic, onion slices and dill in between the celery stalks.  Cover with salt brine to about 1″ from the top of the jar.  Close your fermentation vessel and don’t forget to fill the airlock and let set at room temperature for 5-7 days or until bubble activity dies down.  Move to cold storage.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Smoked Shredded Beef for Tacos

Jul 09 2017

I paired my Traeger and my instant pot to make some shredded beef for Tacos. I had an English cut chuck roast about 2.2 lbs. I trimmed off some fat then seasoned with Mexene chili powder. The Mexene has some cumin in it. I smoked it on the Traeger for 1 hour set at 215 deg., about 240 deg. grill level.

Then I chopped 1 onion in chunks and added them to my instant pot. I cut the beef into 3 pieces then on the onions and added a cup of beer. I set the pot to meat and the time for one hour. When done I released the steam and shredded the beef and removed any fat. It was fall apart tender. I skimmed off some of the fat and added the beef back to the pot. I put the pot on sauté low until all was boiling then set on warm hold while I prepped the rest for the Tacos.

I like soft corn tortillas for Tacos but the grocery only had flour so used them. For toppings I had Tennessee tomatoes, shredded lettuce, sour cream and some shredded Mexican cheese. My wife used salsa instead of the tomatoes. We both ate two of the Tacos and enough beef left for sandwiches tonight.

I know it’s a lot of pics just for Tacos!

Beef ready to smoke

After an hour of smoke

Onions in the pot

Beef & beer added

Shredding the beef


Making up my Taco

My supper

Monday, July 3, 2017

Salmon Salad on Boulios with Mac n Cheese

Jul 03 2017

Here is something a little lighter for in between your BBQ’s. My mac n cheese was use up some old cheese. You can make it with less fat cheeses and sour cream.

This is a no fuss meal; just mix up the few ingredients for the salmon salad early then do the mac n cheese stove top. If you want another side beets would go well with it.

I used a 15 oz. can of red salmon, use pink for about half the cost. It didn’t say what size can in the recipe but I guess it was a 7 oz. can. I used 2 TBS. of Mayo and 2 of sour cream, more celery and more sun flower seeds. I used what I thought was wheat Boulios but must have been marked wrong, they were white.

I am not a salmon lover but this tasted pretty good!

Click Here for printable recipe


Salad mixed up

Mac n Cheese

My supper

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Latke Burgers and a Salad

Jul 02 2017

I wanted to fix something different and thought of latke burgers. I thought I had something new but searched the net and had been done before. Most of the latke burgers were just a thin latke on a burger patty. Some called potato burgers had shredded potatoes mixed in the burger.

I wanted to try these out on my griddle but was pretty hot today and my one knee was bothering me so just did stove top in my Lodge CS skillet. I used Ore Ida hash browns; you can grate your own but the frozen ones are already pretty dry. I didn’t have a recipe just mixed ground chuck and the hash browns for two patties with equal amounts. Added some grated onion, a beaten egg and ¼ cup plain bread crumbs. I mixed well and made two patties.

I made up the salads and added some sliced onions and garlic flakes to mine and had blue cheese dressing. My wife likes vinaigrette on hers. I mixed some sour cream and dill relish for on the sandwiches.

I added olive oil to cover my skillet and heated on medium (5) on my electric glass top stove. I did them 4 minutes then and flipped for another 4 minutes. They were plenty brown but were not up to temp so I covered them with a lid for another 2 minutes and were good. I had toasted the buns under the broiler.

They tasted pretty great for something different. Mine were a little thicker than I wanted. I suggest making them just ½ inch thick and cook at a little lower temp than you normally do burgers to get done and not burn the potatoes.

Burgers are on


My Salad

My Supper

Thursday, June 29, 2017

First BLT's of the Summer

Jun 29 2017

Nothing looks better on a pellet smoker than a pound of bacon cooking and nothing goes better with it than some garden tomatoes! I used to have to wait until late July or early August when my tomatoes ripened. I think for about 10 years now Jolly’s produce stand goes to Tennessee and brings in tomatoes early and they are good.

I use Kah’s thick cut bacon and cook it on my Traeger, a pound will just fit. I cook it at about 280-290 deg. F at grill level. It takes about 1 ½ hours to get crispy like we like it.

I should call mine a BTL since that’s the way I want mine stacked; bacon on the bottom, tomato then ice berg lettuce on a cheap ole white bun or bread. I want 3 layers of bacon, mustard on the bottom and mayo on the top.

It tasted so good I had a second sandwich!!

Bacon at 1 hour

At 1 1/2 hours ready to serve

My supper

2nd supper

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Lipton's Meatloaf, Smashed Potatoes and carrots

Jun 28 2017

My first real meal in about 1 ½ months! I was getting tired of eating carry ins; my wife doesn’t cook a lot, but she did make salmon patties last week. My stomach was getting back to normal. I had blood tests last Tuesday and saw my Dr. Monday. She said all the numbers were back to normal. I have two more tests to make sure all is OK.

The Lipton’s meat loaf is not my favorite but I like it and it’s my wife’s favorite. It doesn’t take much prep work I use Lipton’s Beefy Onion soup mix. I had some smashed baby Dutch potatoes and carrots as sides.

I only used 1 ½ lbs. ground chuck so cut the water and bread crumbs some. I made up the meatloaf early and had it ready for the oven. I had to use the oven since I don’t have my smoker fixed yet. We like meatloaf and I think this is the first time I have done it inside since 2011 when I got my pellet smoker.

I got the meatloaf in the oven at 350 deg. I set it on a foiled trivet in a Lodge CS skillet to drain the fat. I cut crosses in enough potatoes for the two of us and nuked them for 5 minutes on high. I smashed them up roughly, and added, a little salt, dried garlic and poured ½ stick melted butter over them and in the oven. The carrots I did stove top with water a couple pats of butter, salt and parsley. It took about 1 hour 20 min. for the meatloaf. My potatoes were done early so I placed them on my warming burner.

I had some Kings Hawaiian hot dog buns left so that was our bread and butter rolls. Did that ever taste good to me!

Click Here for printable meatloaf recipe

All but the eggs




My supper