Monday, September 19, 2011

Cajun Crackers

It’s a cool rainy fall day here in Ohio. I decided to make up a batch of Cajun crackers this morning; one of my favorite snacks & to eat with appetizers. I got the recipe from my Texan sister. It is made from saltine crackers, olive oil, crushed red pepper & Hidden Valley’s original ranch dressing mix. I tamed it down some, 1 heaping TBS of crushed red pepper is enough for me and ½ package of the dressing mix makes it less salty. I also found ¾ cup of olive oil is plenty. I have tried it with other buttery crackers but the saltines are best for my taste. For this batch I used Nabisco’s Premium fat free with sea salt.

Update: after crackers sat overnight not soaking up the olive oil well, do not use fat free crackers.

I know this is not pellet smoked but they go well with smoked appetizers. I just might try to smoke some, may be good! A lot of pelletheads have smoked the rice cereal snack mix so why not crackers. I will come back & update with a photo of them after they soak up all that good stuff.

Printable cracker recipe


Olive oil mix

Drizzled on crackers

After first mix

It has been raining all day so I decided to try smoking some Cajun crackers and bought some all natural almonds to smoke too. For the almonds I sprayed with olive oil & added McCormicks CA. style coarse grind garlic with parsley and some sea salt. I nuked the almonds for 2 min in the microwave stirring after 1 min. I placed the crackers & almonds in my Pampered Chef wire basket, got them on smoking at an average 180 deg. Tasted a cracker after 45 min. & they were done. I could taste some smoke but they were a little dry so I would say wait & do them after sitting over night until they soak up the olive oil. Mine had only sat about 6 hours. I went to 225 for 15 more minutes on the almonds. They were good but should have put more olive oil on them, I thought I had almost too much. I could also taste some smoke in the almonds. Next spring I may break down & buy a Smoke Daddy so I can get some more smoke in things like this and do some cold smoking too. For a snack I had some of the smoked Cajun crackers, 3 with some mustard & my smoked ring bologna and 3 with mustard & my Ohio Country Pâté, pan pudding. What a treat!!

Crackers & Almonds smoking

Almonds cooling

My appetizers

Smokin Don

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