Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Peaches & Cream Cheese Cobbler

Today was a day to play with the smoker. I have been on a snack kick lately, smoked Cajun crackers, almonds, & pistachios. Love those crackers; and would do the pistachios again. The nuts I did not taste much smoke. I wanted to try some tortilla chips; so I bought a bag of yellow cornmeal tortillas. I fired up the Traeger, placed most of the bag in my wire basket, sprayed with some olive oil spray & a generous amount of CA style coarse grind garlic w/parsley. On the smoker, smoke mode, avg. 175 deg. for one hour. They came out pretty good.
I had a yen for peach cobbler & wanted to try it on the smoker. I do not do many desserts; any of them that calls for dough are out, me & dough just do not seem to get along. I have made pies but use store bought crust. Now cobbler is different, just mix up & layer in a pan. If I used Bisquick I could just drop on for the topping. I found one of Paula Deen’s recipes for Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler that looked good for a guide. One other dessert I make well is a Peaches & Cream Cheese pie, from Since I was experimenting by doing the cobbler on my smoker I thought I might as well combine the recipes some too. I decided to use the vanilla pudding and cream cheese mix in the cobbler. I mixed up the peaches, vanilla pudding & sugar, into a 9 inch square pan, sprayed w/olive oil. I mixed up the cream cheese, sugar, & peach juice, spooned it over the peaches. I followed Paula’s suggestion to pour all the topping ingredients into a plastic bag to mix. This didn’t go well for me, hard to tell when all was mixed good & spooning from the bag was too messy. Might have been better to cut a hole in a corner & squeeze out, but I think I will just use a bowl next time! Onto the smoker I had preheated to 325 deg. on the Treager this is about 350 deg grill temp. Paula’s cobbler recipe said bake for 40 min. so used that as a guide. After 20 min. I rotated the pan 180 deg. Checked again in another 10 min. edges were bubbly & topping starting to brown up. Pulled it in 3 more minutes. Total cook time 33 min. When my wife got home from an auction we both had to try a spoonful, delicious. She said we need some ice cream to have with it so she went to get some Dairy Queen.
My supper would be easy & quick, pulled pork tacos. We had some corn tortillas, & some fresh salsa in the fridge. While at the store getting my corn chips I picked up a pack of McCormicks taco seasoning & a bag of taco seasoned shredded cheese mix. When I got all my stuff out realized I forgot sour cream, also the fresh salsa looked one step from mold so couldn’t use that. My wife ask if I wanted her to go get stuff. I said no I’ll make do. I found a bottle of chili sauce so thought I would use that instead of salsa & just do them without sour cream. I chopped some onion, & green pepper, got that sautéing, added the pulled pork & some taco seasoning, when that was good & hot added some of the chili sauce. I browned up the corn tortillas & served two each. We both thought they were pretty good for thrown together, and were less messy without the sour cream! Besides we had peach cobbler & Dairy Queen to look forward to. It was delicious & I think I did well on the cobbler, worth saving my recipe.
Note: the qrt. jar in the cobbler ingredients is some vanilla sugar I made w/a vanilla bean. I used that in the peach mix & the cream cheese mix.

Printable Cobbler Recipe

Smoked chip fixings

Smoked chips

Cobbler ingredients

Peach mix in the pan

Cream cheese mix added

Topping added

On the smoker

Pulled pork cooking

My tacos

My dessert

Smokin Don


  1. it all looks really yummy but my favorite part is the cobbler!

  2. Thanks Tonya! I think I smell a vegan here :) Don