Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sausage Patties, Taters, & Corn

We got a nice day today after two days of almost continuous rain, 2 inches. I had to take my new 3D bifocal glasses, no lines, back to get ones with lines. I could not get used to those things, they made my eyes tired & I felt dizzy walking. When I was preparing food on the countertop & moved my head a little stuff moved up & down. I did some grocery shopping & when I got home I had grass to trim & mow. I had ½ lb of sausage left from making the chili so sausage patties, corn on the cob, & a baked potato would be a quick supper. I decided to season my patty hot Sicilian style. When I worked afternoons, about 20 yrs ago, some of us would stop in at the Corner Café, a bar & diner for a few beers. Nick, the owner made the best Sicilian sausage patty sandwich I ever ate. Sometimes I would get two to go & wake the wife when I got home. We would set there & talk & eat our sandwiches. I tried to duplicate the sandwich but never could. Off the top of my head I added crushed red pepper, oregano, & fennel seeds to my sausage & mixed it up. I rubbed the corn with butter & some Cholula Chili Garlic seasoning & wrapped in foil. I put the corn on the smoker at 225 deg. & would do for 20 min add the sausage patties, go to 300 deg for 20 min & flip them for another 20 min. I had bought some Klondike Rose potatoes, red skin & yellow flesh. After I got the sausage on I micro-waved one potato for 3 min, cut in half, butter & Lawry’s seasoning salt & some garlic granules. I put it on the smoker for the last 20 min. I topped the sausage patties with some Italian blend cheese & the buns for 2 min. & all was done. It all tasted pretty good except the corn was not the best. After supper I checked out some recipes for Sicilian sausage, most of them contain some Chianti wine, thyme, red pepper, & fennel seed. Not many photos but there was not much prep to this cook.

On the smoker

My supper & seasonings

Smokin Don

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