Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Little Broom Humor

I had this old broom, the bristles half worn off. I loved that old broom, it worked well on my brick patio, grill, and smoker area. They are all old street pavers set in sand. It was always propped in the corner, handy & ready to use. It sat there all year around, & worked good for snow too if it wasn’t froze fast. My wife didn’t like it there, said it was ugly, I said but it’s handy & it works well. About 4 years ago she tried to get me to throw it away & get a new one. I did buy a new one but left it in the garage & used that old broom four more years. This summer I built a covered deck for my new pellet smoker & the ole broom didn’t work as well sweeping it off. I got the new one from the garage & sawed the handle off the old broom. I always save them, you never know when you might need a broom handle. I think I have 2 or 3 of them stored away! I looked at my old broom, minus handle, threw it down on my pump base & took a photo of it. I used the Pop Art setting on my camera to give it some added color, then threw it in the trash can, a little sad. My new broom has a plastic handle, can’t saw that off to save when I retire it. It won’t work as well on the brick until it’s well broke in, but works good on my deck.

If I had taken the photo of that old broom before I sawed the handle off, it would still be there, propped in the corner ready for use. I loved that old broom.

Smokin Don

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