Thursday, January 3, 2019

My Traeger & cook area

Below you see my cooking equipment, my Traeger 07E, to the left is a gas cooker w/cast iron skillet & to the right is a fish friar on the cabinet.
Since this photo I have added a Weber Q100 gas grill. Below that you see a photo of me & my faithful companion. Click on any photo to view larger size it opens in a slide viewer with all the photos in the post.

My Smokin Deck,I can cook rain or shine.

Set up for winter weather

Summer Kitchen 2015
My new Camp Chef single gas burner, a Weber
 Jumbo Joe that I got last year, a Weber Spirit 
2 burner gas grill and my Traeger pellet smoker 
on the deck

All covered up

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Let's Talk BBQ, One Great Forum

Let’s Talk BBQ; no matter what you cook on this is one great forum for discussing BBQ and learning about BBQ. Whether you use a grill, smoker, or other type of cooker, using gas, wood, charcoal, or electric for fuel there is a place for you there.

Their rules are pretty simple; just treat others the way you want to be treated. Leave your ego at home and have fun learning and discussing cooking and food in a family way.

Most members are from the USA but they are slowly getting some international members. I know of two from Australia and one each from Germany and S. Africa. There may be some from England. I like this since we can learn about other recipes and ways to do BBQ than in our own country.

The forum is laid out well; there are different sections for each style cooker, a recipe section, a general section, a place for sausage making and a place for other hobbies. There are a lot of knowledgeable members there now.

If you are interested in Sous Vide cooking there is a section on it with some knowledgeable members using the method.

I do most all my BBQ on my Traeger wood pellet smoker; but can adapt most recipes from other types of cookers. I use it year around and do most all of the cooking for my wife and I.

So; if you want to talk BBQ get over there sign up and join in the fun of cooking and eating some good BBQ.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Corn Chowder W/ Bacon

This weeks soup was corn chowder with bacon
and potatoes. I am always happy I have some
good fresh frozen corn from the summer to use
through the winter.

This recipe was from Pillsbury. I had two pound
bags of corn, fingerling potatoes and my butcher's
thick bacon. I did it in my crockpot, added all but
the cream & bacon at the end.

Last night I fried the 1/2 lb. bacon that was left.
We ate the last of the chowder with bacon and
cheese sandwiches. The chowder was great.

Click Here for printable recipe

My supper

Fridays supper

Friday, January 12, 2018

White Chicken Chili

I am getting behind in my posts. Since Xmas we
have had frigid weather here. It warmed up this
week to 57 yesterday. I did get my smoker
cleaned up, so if I get warm weather I can us it.

We have had mostly soups, sandwiches and carry
ins. Last week I mad this white chicken chili. I
used a recipe from the Neely's of Food Network
for a guideline but made it mild. Their combo of
lime, chili powder, cumin and coriander make for
a great flavor profile. My wife liked it and the
grandson ate a big bowl of it. I had some Cholula
hot sauce to add to mine.

Click Here for printable recipe

My supper

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2018 Good Luck Meal

It has sure been a cold holiday season. Christmas
week I did get my smoked pistachios and Cajun
crackers made. Our son & wife had Christmas
dinner for both families Christmas eve. I didn't
feel up to par so I missed it.

For Christmas Day our son, wife & grandson
came down, our daughter was here. We had
shrimp cocktail, meatballs and jiffy corn pudding.
We exchanged gifts and had a good time.

The day after Christmas my wife's sister &
husband came, her aunt and two cousins and our
family all went out to eat.

For New Years Day I had my usual pork and kraut.
I also had some black eyed peas in honor of my
southern cousin's father. My pork & kraut was two
CS ribs and four polish sausages. I added a half
can of beer and water. I don't drain the kraut, we
like it sour.

My wife makes Knopfles, German drop noodles
she learned to make from her Mother. They take
on sour from the kraut and really make the dish.
For the black eyed peas I sauteed some onion in
butter, added a small can of green chilies and the

Our son was watching football but his wife and
son came to eat some good food and welcome in
the New Year. I was surprised the grandson tried
the peas and liked them!

My wife making the knopfles

My supper

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Happy Holidays & 2018

I hope all had Happy Holidays and you had some
good food with family! Hope the New Year 2018
will be a great year for you all!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Oyster Stew

Dec 20 2017

Last night we had oyster stew, I always called it
soup. I am surprised the wife likes it. I used Paula
Deans recipe. A quart of half & half, a pint of
oysters, 1/2 stick of butter, green onions, salt,
pepper and I had a little hot sauce in mine.

The oysters were large, two bite size. we had some
good crusty sour dough bread and it all tasted

My supper