Sunday, September 4, 2011

Penzey's Lemon Pepper Chicken

My wish for the last hot humid day did not come true, today it was again 95 deg & humid. It sure makes you tired. I bought chicken breast & bacon the other day & was going to make lemon pepper chicken wrapped in bacon. I wanted to do them on smoke mode for awhile so would need the bacon to keep them moist. After a couple of my friends on the pellethead forum did up some stuffed peppers it had made me hungry for them. I would stuff them with rice & veggies since I was pairing them with the chicken. I had a couple of small yellow squash from my garden to use, some Vidalia onions, & about ¾ tub of Krafts Philly cooking sauce, savory Italian & sounded good to mix with some Zatarain’s New Orleans Yellow Rice. Some tomato sauce for on top & shaved parmesan to add at the end.
I suppose you could just use any lemon pepper seasoning for the chicken; but if you want a great taste you will need some Penzey’s Florida seasoned pepper. It is Hand-mixed from: Tellicherry black pepper, lemon peel, orange peel, citric acid, garlic and onion.
After the wife & I attended a surprise 75th birthday party for a widow friend of ours I got my chicken marinating in the lemon juice, fixed my rice, grabbed a cold one & sat out in the heat to relax awhile! I prepared & stuffed my peppers & back in the fridge ready to cook. At 5:00 I fired up my Traeger & went in to prepare the chicken, I removed it from the marinade & dried, seasoned both sides with Penzey’s Florida seasoned pepper. My bacon did not want to wrap well so I placed a slice under & one on top of each chicken breast then secured with silicone elastic bands. I put the chicken & peppers on at 5:30 on smoke mode, 180 deg for 45 min. Then I went to 300 deg & took another half hour to get the chicken to 168 deg IT. I added some shaved parmesan on top of the peppers the last 15 min.
The chicken was great, just a touch of smoke & pretty moist. My wife liked the stuffing but not the peppers. I guess that figures, she likes pie too but not the crust!

Printable Pepper Recipe

Printable Chicken Recipe

Peppers are ready

Seasoned chicken

Bacon wrapped chicken

On the smoker

Chickens done

Peppers done

Sliced chicken

My Plate
Note I added some BAM! to the plate

Smokin Don

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