Friday, March 2, 2018


Besides being an extra cold winter it was not good
for me. My 95 yr. old Mother had to go toi the
nursing home on Labor Day last year. Just before
Thanksgiving I had to put my dog down, he was
about 15. and my constant companion.

My Mom turned 96 Nov, 29 2017 and passed
away Jan 27 2018, We laid her to rest Feb 01
beside Dad.

I had not cooked on my smoker and was hungry
for some good BBQ. Jan 26 it was up to 50 deg..
so I did some BBRibs. I rubbed on some mustard
and my favorite rub, Galena St. Chicken & rib rub.
They set in the fridge about 5 hrs.

I used a 2-2-1 cook that seems to work best for me.
I did them on smoke for 2 hours at 250 deg. grill
level, wrapped in red butcher paper for two hours
with some BBQ sauce. Unwrapped and went to
260 deg. to set the sauce.for an hour. Tasted great.

Our sides was a baked potato and some Brussles

My supper