Pellet Smoker Forums

As far as I know there are only two forums out there dedicated, and current to pellet wood smokers,, and Pelletheads forum is administered by Larry, President of CBBQA 2009-2011. They do not condone direct advertising or self promotion. To me it is by far the most informative of the two. It is populated by a lot of people that are into BBQ competitions. It seems they are a little lax on adding recipes to the recipe section, but they have a search function & you can find about anything you want. They have sections on about all the brands of pellet smokers. Some of the sections are only viewable to members. Need to have a question answered? There is a “go ahead & ask section”, post a question and you will soon be getting answers. They are very friendly & you will always find plenty who are willing to help. Family oriented so no swear words. You also will see no advertizing there. Last month they had over 880,000 hits so they are the most current, and busy of the two. Now they have had 1,000,000+ hits in one month. This is my go to forum when I need info & help, I also do some of my post there.

The pelletsmoking forum is run by Ernie ( Big Poppa). He also has the sister site Big Poppa’s Smokers, he is a dealer for Mak & Memphis grills. The forum here is very friendly, even to those with other brand of grills. On the Big Poppa’s Smokers site you will find a nice recipe section with photos & step by step instructions.

For Traeger owners there is always the Team Traeger Forum, it was just started lately but is getting populated with some good recipes. You don’t have to join to view the recipes. If you have a problem & your Traeger is still under warranty this would be the place to go other than calling Traeger.