Thursday, March 13, 2014

Za'atar Flat Bread

Mar 12 2014

Saturday we set the clocks ahead but today Mother Nature set spring back some.

Its 31 deg. right now and we have about 3 inches of snow; it’s supposed to get down to near zero tonight! It is a great day to cook in. I just got through baking a Za’atar flat bread with my bread in 5 dough. It looks more like bump bread but should go well with my shrimp and grits for supper.

My dough bowl was empty so I mixed up a batch of peasant bread to have over the next two weeks. To make it you just replace one cup of white flour with a ½ cup of rye and a ½ cup of whole wheat.

Rolled out

Hawaiian red sea salt added

Za'atar seasoning and olive oil added

Ready for supper tonight

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