Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Leftover Tatonka Pastrami Sandwich

Mar 11 2014

To me this is when pastrami is at its best; not the day you smoke it and serve it, but for leftover sandwiches. Slice enough for a sandwich as thin as you can get it; fry in a little olive oil to render the fat and brown a little. Serve it on rye bread with mustard. That’s as good as it gets, the seasonings from the crust mingle in and gives a better taste to the sandwich.

Tonight was get your own night so I made myself the pastrami sandwich, from my Tatonka pastrami, and had it on lightly toasted rye bread with some of my spicy mustard. My side was a dish of my Curtido, S.A. sauerkraut and it went well with it. A Leiny’s Hoppin Helles topped it off!

Sliced thin


On rye with mustard


My supper

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