Thursday, March 20, 2014

Italian Sausage over Grits

Mar 19 2014

This is some of my quick and easy cooking in between BBQ. We went to Lima today to get our taxes done and had lunch at 5 Guys; I had a hamburger & fries. Pretty darn good for fast food.

I was not too hungry for supper. I had left over grits, a half pound of Bob Evens Italian sausage and some tomatoes left from last night. I would use up some leftovers and it would be a quick meal. I decided some bread would be good with it. At 3:30 I baked a loaf of Ciabata using my bread in 5 peasant dough. It was done by 5:00 and looked good.

I started supper at 6:00, browned the sausage in a little olive oil and left kind of chunky. When it was getting browned I added some chopped onions and green peppers, salt and pepper. When the onions and peppers were getting soft I added some drained fire roasted tomatoes, oregano and thyme. I put a lid on and turned the heat to low. After about 15 min. I removed the lid to let cook down some. I nuked the grits.

I served it over the grits with some shredded Triple cheddar on top and some bread and butter on the side. I had a Great Lakes Brewing Co.’s Dortmunder Gold with mine. For quick and easy leftovers it tasted great.

I told the wife to throw away what was left of the grits, they were getting old. She said I’ll eat those tomorrow. I knew she liked it since she never likes to eat the same thing two days in a row.


Onions and peppers added to sausage

Tomatoes, oregano and thyme added

My supper

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