Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pulled Pork Sandwich w/Kimchi, Mac & Cheese

Mar 25 2014

Snow today so glad I was cooking inside. It started snowing after lunch and then it stopped and the sun came out. The snow melted some, it was pretty wet and not much on the ground then it started again and it was like a white out, very fine snow and windy. The forecast looked like spring weather for Thurs. sun and a high of 50 but just looked and saw where it changed to wintery mix in the am and a high of 48.

Just after lunch I baked a loaf of bread from my bread in 5 peasant dough. I would use it for a pulled pork sandwich from my maple garlic pork I had done Sunday. I had saved the pan juices so I took it from the fridge and skimmed off the fat then mixed it in with the leftover pork. I heated a sample to taste, a little sweet so I mixed in a little malt vinegar. I was going to have a sandwich with some of my Kimchi over it and some Kimchi on the side. My wife requested some mac & cheese and fixed herself some broccoli slaw to have, she won’t eat the Kimchi!

My wife likes her mac & cheese on the runny side so made some stove top and used some shredded cheese that needed used up. I made the pasta and mixed in about a cup of fiesta, a cup of triple cheddar and some half and half cream, and stirred until melted well. It went into a 200 deg. oven to hold while I made up my wife’s plate and my sandwich. My wife had some bread with hers and I toasted the bread for my sandwich it would hold together better for eating. My sandwich was a little Dusseldorf mustard a good amount of pork and some Kimchi.

That was a quick and easy meal that tasted great. I like the Kimchi on the pork.

Skimming fat from pan juices

My supper

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