Sunday, March 30, 2014

Porcini Chops, fried Cabbage and Spaetzel

Mar 29 2014

I have known for years that some people use mushroom powder to enhance meat flavor. Now I wonder why I didn’t try this stuff sooner. I got a pound of porcini mushroom powder a couple weeks ago from Amazon. It seemed expensive at $26 but a pound will flavor a lot of steaks or chops and enhance soups or stews.

We were hungry for some pork chops and I had cabbage left to use. I found a recipe to use the mushroom powder. I changed it some and it turned out great; I will use the same on steaks. I mixed up a good 3 tablespoons of the powder, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and a good ½ teaspoon of garlic powder. It was just about right for 3 to 4 chops.

I used some Morton Tender Quick on the chops and in the fridge for an hour. Then they were rinsed well, dried and smeared the mushroom powder mix on and they went in the fridge. The recipe said up to 4 hours and mine were in over 3 hours.

I heated my water to boil some spaetzel and as soon as I got it in I had my skillet heated on med. high to do the chops. I sprayed a little olive oil in and did the chops 4 min. on the first side and 3 on the second. They went into a covered casserole dish with just a little beer and into a heated 275 deg. oven. I deglazed the skillet with a little beer and the cut up cabbage went in there. You could use white wine but I had a beer!

The spaetzel was drained and went into a skillet with a couple pats of butter to brown some. The cabbage was done 10 minutes with lid on and stirred half way. Then it went another 10 to 15 minutes with the lid off. I served it up with some good bread and butter. The wife and I both though it was great!

I will be using the mushroom powder a lot, an amazing taste. I was putting the extra pork chop away and tasted the pan juice left and I though danged why I didn’t make gravy or at least pour a spoonful over the chops to serve. If some are like me and love good mushroom gravy but not crazy about the texture of the cooked mushrooms the powder is a great way to enjoy mushroom flavor. I can see it going into
my soups and stews too.

Not the healthiest meal but it sure did taste good!

Mushroom powder and marinade rub

Adding the rub

Browned and ready for the oven



Chops ready to serve

My supper

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