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Tatonka Pastrami

Mar 08 2014

I was hungry for a pastrami sandwich so decided to do up one.  I would use Hub’s EZ pastrami method. It is quicker method to get good pastrami without doing the 7 day or longer process. His way is to buy a 3 to 5 pound pre-corned beef to shorten the prep time.

I got to thinking why can’t I use Tatonka Dust in the seasoning. The usual seasoning is salt, pepper, coriander, onion, garlic powders. I used some fresh coarse ground coriander seeds, dried garlic flakes and Tatonka Dust.

I bought a small 2 ½ pound corned beef flat. It had a ¼ inch fat cap so left it on. After an overnight soak I rinsed it well and dried then layered my seasoning; added ground coriander right from the grinder, some dried garlic flakes and then a generous amount of Tatonka Dust. I wrapped it in 3 layers of plastic wrap then in the fridge overnight.

On Friday I did it on my Traeger. Being small I thought 4 hours at 225 deg. should be enough. I monitored the IT temp. I was able to keep my Traeger at 230 deg. grill level temp and it took 4 ¼ hours to get 170 deg. IT. I triple wrapped in foil, let it cool down then in the fridge overnight. I smoked it fat cap down and would do it fat cap up in the oven.

At 1:30 I put it in a 250 deg. oven and planned to eat at 6:00. I checked the temp at 5:15 and was just 162 deg. so I went to 300 deg. At 5:45 it was over 170 deg. so pulled it out to rest before slicing. I heated up a skillet with some olive oil and butter to fry up some pierogies and sliced onions. I use Mrs. T’s frozen instead of homemade and these were potato and onion stuffed. I added in the sliced onions too quick and burnt them but the pierogies were good.

I sliced up the pastrami, it cut like butter. I made a sandwich for the wife with rye bread, mustard and dill pickle. The grandson ate with us and had his pastrami on the plate with his pierogies. I had my pastrami on rye with some of my beer mustard. It tasted great, wasn’t sure how the Tatonka would work but if you like Tatonka Dust and you like Pastrami you will like this!
Seasoning and corned beef after brining

Layers of seasoning

After overnight in fridge with seasoning

After 4 1/4 hours at 230 deg.


Ready to foil and bake, fat cap side

After baking, 250 deg. 4 1/2 hours



My Supper

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