Friday, August 26, 2016

Super Pig Bacon Candy Corn

Aug 25 2016

One of my hobbies is searching the net for new recipes to try. Anything with bacon catches my eye since I love bacon. I don’t care for the extra sweet bacon candy etc. that are popular with a lot of people. I did find I like a light coat of Savor’s Super Pig on bacon and like it for BLT’s too.

I saw one that used brown sugar mixed with corn meal to coat the bacon. I thought now the cornmeal may go well with Super Pig. I had a half pound of Jowl Bacon thawed that needed used. So today after fixing a meatloaf for our supper I did the bacon. I sliced it about ¼ inch thick and coated with Super Pig on both sides. I used a little more than I usually do. I then pressed both sides in the cornmeal.

I did the bacon on my Traeger on a frogmat. I started it at about 250 deg. grill level then after ½ hour eased it up to 300 to 325 deg. grill level. It took just over an hour to get done.

I had to taste a thin slice before the rest were done! Man that is good! For me the cornmeal gives an extra flavor and crispiness to the bacon.

If you can’t buy the Super Pig you can come close by using a little brown sugar and red pepper flakes to taste.

Seasoning the bacon

Ready for the smoker

On my Traeger

Ready to serve

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