Monday, August 29, 2016

Smoked Pork Chops, Green Beans and Potatoes

Aug 29 2016

I missed my usual ham, green beans and potatoes when green beans first come on. By the time I thought of it my produce wagon where I get my corn said their green beans were done. I had some of the Kennebec home grown potatoes left so went looking for green beans.

Another produce stand was out of them, said a lady bought all he had yesterday. My butcher didn’t have any ham steaks out so I got 3 nice smoked pork chops that would do. I found dome nice looking green beans at Wall Mart.

Past years I did this meal in my Crockpot but I used my Instant Pot today. I cleaned the green beans; pealed some of the bad spots from the potatoes and cut into chunks. I sautéed the chops to get a little brown in the pot and added chicken stock to deglaze then placed the chops on some sliced onions. I added in the potatoes and then the green beans, some salt and pepper. I poured what was left of the chicken stock in, about 2 cups total.  I set the pot on manual for 15 minutes.

I like my Instant Pot the more I use it. I like the way it shows lapsed time after the timer has runout and it is on warm hold. Normally after pressure cooking it takes about 15 minutes to dissipate the pressure. Tonight we were hungry so after 5 minutes I eased off the pressure manually to open and serve.

We had some English muffins & butter with the meal. It was very good; chops were fall off the bone tender all tasted like it had simmered 4 to 5 hours in a Crockpot. I can see using my Instant Pot a lot this winter for some good comfort food! I liked how I could sauté the chops right in the pot and keep the good flavors all in the pot. This also meant no skillet to clean.


Chops browned

In the pot

My supper

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