Friday, August 12, 2016

An Overload of Tomatoes for Us

Aug 12 2016

It was another stinking hot humid day here in Ohio. We have had about two months of high 80 & 90 degree weather and very humid. We have been without rain though until two days ago we hot 1 ¼ inches in an hour and today we got .8 tenths in a half hour.

I had 12 tomato plants in my little 4X8 raised garden and they were not getting ripe. I just about had to water them every night but the grandson helped a lot of evenings doing the watering. I have a mix of Big Boy Beef Steak, Roma cherry, and Rutgers. I have had three bowls of mostly the Roma and Rutgers, but today I had the Beef Steaks come on too.

What you see here was about all picked today. Looks like I will be cooking some tomatoes tomorrow!

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