Saturday, August 6, 2016

Made Some Kimchi

Aug 06 2016

Two days ago while at the grocery saw two nice heads of Napa cabbage. I got them to make a batch of kimchi. I rinsed them and cut up; in a large plastic container and layered with coarse kosher salt. It sat covered for 2 hours then rinsed well to get all the salt off.  It has wilted down enough to use a smaller bowl.

I added half to a smaller bowl I save for making kimchi. Then added half the other ingredients and repeated with the other half. This makes it easier to get mixed up and the cabbage all coated well.

It sat covered on the counter for 2 days. You need a container that seals well because this stuff does smell. To a kimchi lover it is a good smell!

Today it went into quart mason jars; topped with filtered water to cover. I usually place it in the fridge but I am letting this batch set out another day then it will go into the fridge. I like to let it set in the fridge for 4 to 5 days before I start using it.

I like it just as a side dish but it’s also great on pulled pork, brats and hot dogs. I have not cooked with it much but a lot of people do using in soups and stews.

Click Here for printable Kimchi recipe

Cabbage cut up and salted

Mixing in the ingredients

Ready to set for 2 days

After 2 days

Made 3 quarts

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