Saturday, August 20, 2016

BLT's and Old Fashioned Potato Salad

Aug 19 2016

Looks like my big beefsteak tomatoes are near their end so BLT’s for supper tonight! I should call them BTBLB’s that’s how I stack them bacon, a slice of tomato, bacon, some lettuce, more bacon and I have mustard on the bottom bun and mayo on the top one. Tonight’s were on toasted white bread and sure tasted good.

I made some of my old fashioned potato salad early to have with the sandwiches. I bought Instant Pot’s glass lid that fits my pot. I wanted to be able to use it without the locking lid for some things. I steamed some eggs and that didn’t work out the way I expected. I put in 1 ½ cups of water and the eggs on the steam rack. I set the pot on steam and for 15 minutes. It never went to the timed mode until they were about done and the water was almost all gone. I guess the timed mode in Steam relies on pressure to activate it. My eggs did turn out good though.

I used the regular lid to steam my potatoes for 7 minutes and let cool down before opening.

I did a pound of bacon on my Traeger at 300 deg. grill level and took just over an hour. If I am lucky I should get one more BLT before all my garden tomatoes are gone.

Click Here for printable potato salad recipe

Steaming the eggs

Potatoes steamed

All mixed up

Bacon on the Traeger

Ready to serve

My supper

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