Saturday, August 6, 2016

Jowl BLT's, Corn and Potatoes

Aug 06 2016

We finally got some cooler less humid weather. It did get to 83 but not so humid. I needed to go to the grocery and get some fresh picked sweetcorn from Suter’s produce. I planned on some Jowl BLT’s so told the wife I needed to pick tomatoes first to see if I needed to buy some. Like I figured a bunch came on at the same time; I didn’t need to buy any. I had 4 large Big Boys, some Rutgers and plum cherry. I have enough to try Hub’s tomato pie tomorrow.

I had about a pound of my butcher Kah’s good jowl bacon. I sliced it up and coated both side with a little Savor Super Pig. I got it on my smoker a little after noon at about 290 deg. grill level. It took about an hour and 10 minutes to get it where I wanted it. I got it done before the afternoon heat.

I got my batch of kimchi in jars and just relaxed this afternoon sipping on beer and enjoying the nicer weather.

I had some new red potatoes and the corn. I was going to do them outside and steam but got lazy. I steamed the corn in my rice cooker and did the potatoes in the microwave. I added some of my gorgonzola chive butter to the potatoes and we had it on the corn.

My bread was some bolillo buns, I like them since they are light textured and don’t overpower the rest of the stars. I had some mustard on my bottom bun and mayo on the top one. Tasted great a BLT is always good and with fresh corn on the cob even better!

Today's tomato harvest

Bacon sliced and seasoned

Done on my Treager


For the BLT's

My supper

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