Monday, August 8, 2016

Grilled Shrimp Boil & Tomato Pie

Aug 07 2016

I know grilled shrimp boil does not sound right! I forget where I got the idea but they made skewers with the normal ingredients you would use in a shrimp boil. Those are shrimp, smoked sausage, potatoes, and corn on the cob. I was leery of doing them all on a skewer since the shrimp only takes about 6 minutes and all else longer. I had 10 oz. of raw wild caught shrimp from Krogers.

I decided to do it on my Weber Spirit; I would do the sausage, potatoes and corn in my wire basket and the shrimp on skewers to do at the last minute. I nuked some new red potatoes in the microwave for 5 minutes since they take longer to cook. For the flavors from my usual shrimp boil I seasoned all with some Old Bay seasoning, Cajun seasoning went on the shrimp and melted a half stick of butter with a half teaspoon of Zatarain’s liquid shrimp boil and some garlic powder.

I got my basket of sausage, potatoes and corn on the Weber heated to 400 deg. and it was on about a total of 18 minutes and basted several times with the butter mix and turned. The shrimp skewers were
basted on both sides with the butter mix and grilled on the back side of grill grates for 3 minutes each side.

All was served with a piece of Hub’s tomato pie on the side. The pie was great and will be doing it again!

I will use this recipe again just for the wife and me; it’s hard to go wrong with the flavor profile and a lot less prep and clean up than doing a boil.

All ready for the grill

All done


Tomato Pie

My supper, pretty tasty!

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