Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hub's Tomato Pie

Aug 07 2016

I finally had plenty of tomatoes from my garden to try Hub’s tomato pie. I had a Pillsbury pet ritz crust to use. For the 3 cups of tomatoes I used a Big Boy beefsteak, 5 Rutgers, and 4 or 5 plum tomatoes. I diced them up, salted and let drain in a colander. While they were draining I par baked my crust.

I got it all together and in the oven. I overdid the basil using 12 leaves since I love basil. I didn’t quite get the cheese mix to the edge but thought it would melt and fill in. It took 45 minutes to get a nice brown on the cheese top.

It had plenty of time to cool down before cutting to have with our supper. My crust was soggy on the bottom and didn’t come out of the pan well. It was probably due to I had it all ready to go in the oven except for mixing the cheese and mayo to put on when I got a phone call. It was an old classmate from school I had not talked to in at least 30 years so the pie had to wait.

It still had great taste and makes a great side dish for about any meal! Thanks Hub! Hub is a fellow member of LetsTalkBBQ.

Click Here for printable recipe

Par baked pie shell w/onions added

Tomatoes and basil added

Mayo cheese mix added

Done baking

A slice for my supper

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