Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Smoked Wings and Sides

Oct 13 2015

Our daughter went home Monday and took her pet Guinea pig. I was glad; my dog was getting awfully hungry to have some Guinea pig in his diet! For supper I cooked some noodles and added to the Italian beef and had over mashed potatoes. I had bought some chicken wings for tonight.

This am I went to get the ladder from my shed to work on my garage door opener. I needed to get it programed to work with the built in button in my new car. I keep it inside against the one door I never use and just have to reach inside to pull it out. It was stuck and I thought it was something on the floor so I pulled hard. It was actually hooked on a pipe clamp I keep on a shelf above. It came out of there and hit me on the head. I just about went down and by the time I got inside blood was running down my arm I was holding my head with.

My wife got me a wash rag and I got it cleaned up and she said I needed to go to the Dr. and get stitches. I looked at it in the mirror and didn’t think it needed stitches. It was 3 to 4 inches long and looked like the mark of Zorro. I said I would go and let her look at it. Well I didn’t need stitches just 3 butterfly band aides. I am pretty hard headed!

I did get the garage door opener programed. I was glad I had some easy sides bought to have with the wings. I had some new Bob Evens double cheddar mac n cheese with Applewood bacon and a bag of frozen peas for a veggie.

In my older age I am getting to where I use easy things to fix for sides especially during the week. We like most of the sides by Bob Evans that you find in the grocery now and most frozen veggies are always good to use.

I had a pack of 8 wings and wet them a little with some red wine vinegar and a generous coat of Penzey’s Galena St. rub. They went in the fridge a couple of hours before cooking. I made up some sauce of ½ stick melted butter, a ¼ cup of Blues Hog Tennessee Red Sauce and 1 tablespoon of Cholula hot sauce for my wings.

I got the wings on my Traeger at 4:45 and planned to eat at 6:30. I did them at 180 deg. for about 45 minutes, then 250 deg. for a half hour. I sauced my 4 wings and did them for a half hour at 315 deg., grill level. I turned the smoker down to 200 deg. and went inside to nuke my sides.

I had 4 of the sauced wings and the wife had 3 of the un-sauced ones, we both liked them. The mac n cheese had great cheddar flavor but I could hardly taste the bacon. The frozen green peas we like for a veggie side and I added some butter and seasoning to them. That was an easy meal to make.

For the wings

My sides

An hour in and ready for the sauce

All done

My peas

My supper

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