Monday, October 12, 2015

Adana Kabob Pita Wraps and Spaghetti Squash

Oct 11 2015

With the daughter home and birthday party for the daughter in law and grandson over the week-end I was glad I cooked some food ahead. These kids may have plans but they can change any minute and ole Dad is usually the last one to find out!

My Sunday was the son stopped in after his basketball and got some of my Italian beef to take home and watch a ball game; the grandson stayed here and ate a beef sandwich. The wife, daughter, and daughter in law went shopping and ate lunch at Chili’s. I baked a spaghetti squash to have ready to serve with supper.

The wife and all got back from shopping after dropping the DIL off. The grandson was happy since our daughter took her new pet, a guinea pig, out of the cage for him to play with. My dog wanted to play with it; I think he really wanted to eat it!

The son and wife stopped back to use my printer. I had plenty for them for supper but they had something at home they wanted to cook so all went home.

I fixed supper for the wife, daughter and me. I had sliced some red onion and sprinkled on some sumac berries. I had made some tzatziki sauce earlier from a recipe I got from I sliced some tomatoes and heated up the spaghetti squash and two of the Adana Kabob mini loaves and sliced them up.

We all made up our own pita wraps; I had some of the kabob meat, tomatoes, red onions and tzatziki sauce on mine and had a little butter and Penzey’s sandwich sprinkle on my squash. It tasted great and I had a second pita wrap.

I want to make the kabobs again using a mix of ground lamb and beef and use my wide skewers. The ring bologna shown I removed the casing to get a better smoke flavor. I cut some shallow slits in the top and worked some Blues Hog rub in. I smoked it on my Traeger at 180 deg. for about 50 minutes and then went to 300 deg. grill level for 20 minutes.

I sliced it and took to the birthday party for a snack. It tasted pretty good!

My supper

The smoked bologna

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