Thursday, October 8, 2015

Coney Islands and Leftovers

Oct 07 2015

Great weather here in NW Ohio to be out cooking. I am busy this week getting ready for a visit from our daughter who lives in the Chicago area and next Sat. we are celebrating our daughter in law and grandson’s birthdays. Our son and wife are having the party.

Yesterday I smoked 2.5 pounds of pistachios and used a large party size bag of Chex mix using their original recipe. This is for the party and Friday I am fixing a raspberry dump cake to take.

I mowed grass today and for something easy tonight I was having some of Kah Meat’s Coney Islands.
His Coney Islands are really bockwursts and not sure the history of them. Kah Meats are in the third generation now and the one who started it came from Germany so I would say most of the recipes came from him.

For me growing up in the 40’s and 50’s a Coney dog was a hot dog from the B&K Root beer drive-in served on a bun with chili sauce. I figured Coney Islands came from Germany but wiki says they were from immigrants from Greece and Macedonia and got the name Coney Islands because of this “In 1913 the Coney Island Chamber of Commerce in New York had banned the use of the term "hot dog" on restaurant signs on Coney Island, an action prompted by concerns about visitors taking the term literally and assuming there was dog meat in the sausage.[4] Because of this action by the Chamber of Commerce, immigrants passing through the area didn't know the sausage in a bun by the American moniker "hot dog." Instead, the handheld food would have been known to immigrants as a "coney island."

Anyway tonight I had Kah’s Coney Islands (bockwurst) and had some leftover kraut, spaetzel noodles and mashed potatoes thawed to have with them. We had some pickled baby beets and bread and butter. I did the Coney Islands on the Traeger on smoke 180 deg. for an hour and then on the Weber gasser heated to 400 deg. for 3 minutes per side until they browned and burst open. I made some sauce of equal parts of horseradish Mayo, mustard and ketchup to have with my Coney dogs.

We both liked the supper. I think my wife prefers the Bockwursts but I like bratwurst better.

Smoked pistachios

Smoked Chex mix

Coney Islands

An hour of smoke

On the grill

My supper

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