Sunday, June 1, 2014

Louie's Italian Beef Sandwich and Spinach Salad

May31 2014

Today was another sunny day, great for cooking and working outside. That’s what I love about my pellet smoker, it allowed me to get some work done while my beef chuck roast was cooking for 5 ½ hours.
I managed to get an old cast iron hand pump and birdbath painted and to check out my new collapsible hose and quick disconnects to water my garden. The old pump is just for looks but I remember drinking out of one in our yard. It was our source of drinking and cooking water until we got inside plumbing and toilet.

I cooked 6 slices of good bacon on the Traeger and steamed some eggs for using on our spinach salad. I got the beef chuck seasoned with just pepper and on the smoker about 12:40. I did it with my new 6 inch amazin tube smoker and on smoke mode for an hour then went to 250 deg. F grill level for the rest of the cook. I used Traeger Oak pellets.

At 3:10 the roast was at 155 deg. IT so decided to get it in a foil roaster pan on top of onions and peppers with some Yuenglings Hoppin Helles. I covered it with foil for 2 hours and then uncovered at 5:00 when the roast was at 195 deg. IT. I added the Louie’s Au Jus seasoning with some water and added more Hoppin Helles; all but two swallows of a bottle! I took the roast inside to pull. It was not that tender so I sliced it up thin and added back to the foil pan. I should have cooked longer but I was hungry!
I took it inside at 6:10 to make our sandwiches. Total cook time was about 5 hours 40 minutes.

My wife had mixed up the spinach salad and we had some sliced hard boiled eggs and crumbled bacon on top. The take home and bake baguettes were still warm when I sliced for the sandwiches. We both had the bread halves half dipped in the Au Jus. Not as tender as I would have liked but it was bite through tender and delicious!
Bacon for the salad

After an hour on smoke


My Salad

My supper

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