Sunday, June 29, 2014

Seasoning My New Wok

Jun 24 2014

Years ago I was into stir fried Asian cooking and had a wok. Then I kind of got away from it and not sure what happened to the wok. Cooking out a stir fried dish is good with chicken or fish and I have done a lot just in a flat skillet. I decided to get another wok and do some stir frying outdoors on my gas burner.

Gas is a better heat source for using a wok than my electric stove and it will be much easier getting all done at the same time outdoors in the same area. It will save this old man from running back and forth or taking the meat inside to hold while doing a quick stir fry for a side dish.

The ideal wok is made from low carbon steel and requires seasoning just like a cast iron skillet. I needed a wok with no wood for handles to do my favorite 6 step seasoning in and oven at 490 deg. I found a 14 inch one with metal loop handles that came with a ring for $24.

My favorite seasoning method came from a post by Sheryl Canter. She used flax seed oil but I could not find it because it has a short shelf life and I found to order it was too expensive. To me the best alternative was grape seed oil. I have used it to redo two old cast iron skillets and it gives a nice deep black finish that lasts.

The seasoning process was to coat the wok with a thin coat of oil then using paper towels wipe it all off. It will still have a light coat. Place it in the oven and set to 490 deg. Leave it there for one hour, my oven takes about 15 minutes to get to 490 deg. so it is at that temp for 45 minutes. Turn the oven off and let cool before removing. Repeat this process six times and you will have a nice dark non-stick finish that will last.

Sheryl used 500 deg. for her temp; why don’t I? Not sure, I am old school and 500 deg. just sounds too hot, 490 sounds better! Now all I have to do is try to turn out some good food on my wok!

Wok washed and ready to season

After the first seasoning

After the third seasoning

Sixth seasoning and ready to use

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