Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cuban Chicken w/Beans over Rice

Jun 04 2014

Glad the weatherman was wrong with today’s forecast of severe T-storms mainly after 4:00 PM. It came at 9:30 AM, just a nice steady rain all day about .8 inches. Glad we didn’t get the storms like hit the mid-western states.

Last night I put a chicken in brine for overnight; a half gallon of water, 1/3 cup kosher salt, 1/3 cup brown sugar, some dried garlic and onion flakes. It was in the brine for 10 hours.

At 9:30 AM a landscaper came to see what I wanted done to my front flower bed and work up an estimate. Then we went for me to see a layback chair my wife had picked out. The grandson reluctantly tore himself off the PC and came along. We got the chair and they delivered it this afternoon; it fits me nice!

At noon I removed the chicken from the brine; rinsed it well, dried and on a rack in the fridge to air dry about 4 hours before grilling. I had a box of Zatarain’s yellow rice and would use a can of pinto beans for my sides. I had some McCormick’s Cuban seasoning to use on the chicken. I mixed about a teaspoon of it with 2 Tbs. of butter and used half under the skin of each breast. I lightly coated it with Hellmann’s mayo and generously coated it with the seasoning. It went on the grill at 4:00 for a half hour of smoke 180 deg. grill level and then eased it up to 325 deg. grill level. I planned for it to be done at 6:00.

A little before 5:00 I got the rice in my rice cooker; I knew it would be done by 5:30 and switch to warm hold and be hot at serving time. I sautéed some onions and peppers and added the can of beans with some of the liquid; I seasoned them with ½ teaspoon chili powder, ¼ teaspoon cumin, salt and pepper. I partially covered and turned the burner down to low.

Our daughter in law got here about 5:20 so I turned up the Traeger to 350 deg. and at 5:45 it was up to 180 deg. breast IT. I let the chicken rest while I made some garlic toast using what was left of two loaves.

I served my beans over the rice w/ hot sauce and cracked pepper added. The wife and grandson didn’t have any beans, but the veggie daughter in law did and ate some of the breast meat. My wife always wants breast meat, the grandson had a leg and I had a leg and a thigh. The grandson loves about any rice dish and had three helpings!

The chicken was very moist and was fall off the bone tender; all liked the Cuban seasoning. I find you can use your favorite boxed rice and doctor up about any canned beans for some great sides. Pair them with some chicken or fish for a tasty and easy meal to fix.

Chicken brined, seasoned and ready to smoke

After one hour

Beans are on

Chickens done


My supper

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