Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Nick's Sicilian Sausage Sandwich

Jun 17 2014

My wife was sick with a cold on Father’s Day and could hardly talk, the son and I was joking about that being my ultimate wish for Father’s Day. My payback was I woke up Monday morning with the cold! So Mon. we both got our own meals. My supper was some leftover pulled pork and greens with some of my Kimchi. I sautéed some onions, added about a cup of the pulled pork I had chopped smaller, some garlic flakes, Cajun seasoning and added a can of seasoned mixed greens. I added about 2 TBS of vinegar and let simmer about 10 minutes. The Kimchi would have gone well mixed in the greens; before I was done I was mixing it together to eat.

Mondays supper

Today my wife went to an auction at 1:00; the kids went to the pool and then at 3:00 they all went to Dayton for our son to fly back to Las Vegas. As usual me and the dog stayed home. I had two barberry bushes and a smoke bush to trim. It was a hot 90 deg. but the gusty wind made it more tolerable.

Back when I was working the afternoon shift we used to stop after work at the Corner Café for a few cold ones and I used to love Nick’s Sicilian sausage sandwich. He sold me some in bulk a couple of times to fry up my own at home. I have tried to duplicate it over the years and this recipe is close.

I mixed up the sausage and seasoning at noon and in the fridge to get happy. I was done with my work about 2:30 so I cleaned up and made up three 1/3 pound patties from the sausage and in the fridge.

A little after 5:00 I fired up the Traeger to about 325 deg. grill level temp. These probably would have been done better on my gas grill but I was in the slow mode so I used my Traeger and did them on the flip side of grill grates. I prayed the patties with some olive oil and did for 25 minutes and then flipped for another 15 minutes. Three minutes to go I added the bun halves sprayed with olive oil.

I had some Saucy Sow’s Smokey Horseradish sauce and a slice of Vidalia onion on my sandwich. Saucy Sow’s is a nearby catering co. that makes and sells sauces. It and the onion really complimented the sandwich. I also had a mixed Romaine salad topped with mayo, garlic flakes, fresh ground 4 peppercorn blend and some onions. That was a great tasting sandwich!

Patties ready for the smoker

All done

The sauce

My salad

My Sandwich

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