Sunday, July 14, 2013

Wings Two Ways

July 14 2013

I had bought a package of eight wings to try the new Saucy Sows sweet mustard sauce on. My wife was going to a retirement party for her minister so it was a good time to do the wings. She is not crazy about wings like I am. I also thought the glaze I made for the kimchi meatloaf would make a good wing sauce so I could try both sauces.

I cut the tips off and separated the mid-section from the drumies and brined for two hours then air dried for two hours in the fridge.

I had seen a different way to do the mid-sections at She slit them between the two bones on the under-side and kind of spread them out. I found my kitchen shears did the best job as in the photo below.

My Korean style sauce was ¼ cup Mae Ploy sweet chili sauce (Nuoe cham ga). It is sweet with just a hint of heat. 1 Tbs. of mustard, 1 teaspoon of sesame oil and 1 teaspoon of garlic flakes.  I used this sauce for the mid-sections. The drumies I dusted with Penzey’s Galena Street rub and the Saucy Sows wing sauce.

I put the wings in my Traeger for a half hour on smoke then went to 300 deg. for the rest of the cook. After 40 minutes at 300 I tossed the drumies in the Saucy Sows sauce then back on. After the temp came back up I sauced the mid-sections.  I pulled them after another 30 minutes, a total of 70 minutes at 300 deg.

I had some of my corn casserole with the wings and blue cheese dressing for dip. The drumies were just right, the mustard sauce didn’t come through well. They probably needed sauced again at the end, but I don’t like messy wings! My Korean sauce was good but next time will add some Korean red pepper flakes for more heat. The skin was a little tough, being split like I did they probably need to be done on higher heat and faster.

The kids got home from S.C. just as I was eating, was glad they made it safe. They were too tired to stay and eat so I gave them the rest of the wings and some of the leftovers from the week end cooking.

Sauces and ingredients

Drumies seasoned

Slitting the mid-sections

Ready to sauce


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