Monday, July 22, 2013

Chicken Brat Skillet Meal and Steamed Cabbage

July 21, 2013

My supper for a Sunday was pretty simple and an easy prep; I had leftover chicken, a brat, potato and onion skillet meal with steamed cabbage and some toasted cheese bread.

The chicken was leftover broasted chicken from my favorite carry out, Sandmans. Saturday was our Case family reunion and I took 24 pieces of chicken. My one grandmother was a Case. We had been having about 20 people attending. This year there were only 10 so we decided this was our last one. The family is too scattered around. I had plenty of chicken leftover.

I diced up some baby gold potatoes, a little olive oil and seasoning and nuked them in the microwave for 5 minutes. I sliced some Vidalia onion and had my Trager and Lodge steel skillet preheating to 325 deg.
I added the potatoes and onions to the skillet and did for about 20 then added the chicken and sliced brat.

I had some cabbage wedges steaming in my rice cooker. When all were done I buttered some cheese bread and toasted under the broiler. All was pretty tasty for a quick and easy meal.

Cabbage in the steamer

Potatoes and onions


In the smoker

Cheese bread

My Plate

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