Friday, July 12, 2013

Bacon Burger, Potato Salad and Corn on the Cob

July 11 2013

I was happy all day today! I had some bacon burgers from my butcher, my first dozen ears of fresh corn, and a new potato salad recipe to try. Don’t get much better! I also had a bunch of garden produce to use up and the next 3 days have cooks planned using them.

I just started making the potato salad when our daughter in law and grandson stopped in to drop off the dog and say good bye. They were off to Fort Mill S.C. for 4 days. They have a nice home there for sale if anyone is interested. Then my wife was off to her water aerobics so it was just me and the dogs!

The potato salad recipe was adapted from Bobby Flay, 1 pound of new potatoes, small bunch of green beans, 1 onion sliced thin. Dressing was ½ cup olive oil, 1/3 cup white wine vinegar, leaves from 3 rosemary sprigs, salt & pepper to taste. Puree the vinegar and rosemary and drizzle in the olive oil then strain.

I cut up the potatoes, nuked for 3 to 4 min. then drizzled on some olive oil and salt and pepper.  Then in a wire basket and in my preheated Traeger at 325 deg. for a half hour to brown up. I removed them and tossed with ¼ cup of the dressing and let rest. I par boiled the green beans for 3 minutes then in ice water to cool, added them, the onions and the rest of the dressing and tossed. Then it went in the fridge.

After I did the potato salad I picked out 4 small ears of corn for tonight’s supper and shucked the rest.
I heated some water on my gas burner and boiled for 4 minutes and then in ice water to cool. I cut it all from the cobs and scraped. This will be for Saturday’s supper. I put the 4 ears in some salt water to soak and did them in my steamer for 15 minutes for supper. Steaming is the best for corn on the cob.

I did the bacon burgers on my Traeger preheated to 325 deg. for a half hour then topped with Swiss cheese. I toasted the buns in my steel skillet. I made up my wife’s sandwich, Saucy Sows wing sauce, tomato, dill pickle and the bacon burger. Mine was the same without the dill pickle and two burgers for a double.

The Saucy Sows is a new sauce being made by a small home business from Jackson Center, Ohio. The wing sauce is mustard based, sweet, red peppers, but has a little zing to it. It was great on the bacon burgers.

All tasted great and the corn was tender and sweet, my wife ate 1 ½ and I had 2 ½ with my gorgonzola butter.


Potatoes browning

Potato Salad

Burgers ready for some cheese

My corn

My Plate

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