Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunday Meatloaf, Corn Pudding and Potatoes

July 28, 2013

It was a cool and windy day today. After I had my corn and meatloaf mixed up I was sitting on my smoking deck with a cold one. It kept looking like rain so I dropped the north wall canvas. When I started cooking the heat from the smoker felt good.

It was fun cooking since I was trying two new recipes. When I was getting the ground chuck at my butchers I spotted some fresh kraut brats and got two of them to add. I was thinking ketchup base does not sound good but mustard and sour cream does. I used some Saucy Sows sauce for the mustard.

My wife wanted to eat at 6:00. I knew the 2 pound meatloaf would take 1 ½ hours on my Traeger at 300 deg. That gives me 325 deg. at grill level. I always do them to an IT of 160 deg. I got the meatloaf on at 4:30.

My corn pudding recipe was adapted from Katie Lee at Food & Wine. It said to bake at 350 deg. for a half hour. I figured 45 min. at 325 should do it. I had mixed it all but the shredded cheese and eggs, so I added those after I got the meatloaf on and put it in the smoker at 5:15. I nuked some baby gold potatoes for 4 min. with some butter and seasoning. I got those on the smoker at 5:25 in my wire basket.

At 6:00 the meatloaf was almost done but my corn was not. Time for plan B; I turned the smoker down to smoke mode and heated my inside oven to 400 deg. I put the corn in the oven and brought the meatloaf and potatoes in to rest. In 8 minutes the corn was nice and brown and set up.

I served it up with some bolillo rolls and my gorgonzola butter. I had made some brown gravy with a packet of Pioneer brand mix.

My wife said the meatloaf is good! I liked it too; I had the gravy over the meat and potatoes. We were just done eating and our daughter in law came in. I said there is food if you’re hungry, she took a sample of the meatloaf and said that’s good. When she sat down that veggie girl had a big slice of the meatloaf on her plate! The meatloaf recipe is a keeper for me.

Printable Meatloaf Recipe

Corn simmering in 2 cups milk and 1/2 cup cream for 10 minutes

Corn removed to cool and 1 stick of butter added, then cooled

Medium onion sauteed for 8 minutes

Corn, onions and 1/2 cup cornmeal added then in the fridge

Meat loaf ingredients

Ready to mix up

Ready for the smoker

Corn mix at room temp, 6 egg yokes and 1/2 cup cheddar added

6 egg whites beaten and folded into the corn mix

All in the smoker

Meatloaf resting

Corn is done

A lot of pics but had to include one of The Third Shift

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