Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kimchi Burger and Marinated Salad

Jun 28 2013

I had more garden produce to use, cucumbers. Marinated cucumbers, tomatoes and onions sounded good and a burger would go good with it. I bought a pound of ground chuck and made 4 patties. I added about a third of a cup of Kimchi, drained and chopped to one patty for me. I seasoned all with some Weber gourmet burger seasoning to all.

I had 1 large and 2 small cucumber to use; I peeled the large one, split in half and removed the seeds, then sliced. I left the skin on the small ones and sliced. Cut up two large tomatoes, and sliced a Vidalia onion. I drizzled some olive oil over all and added a half cup of rice wine vinegar, salt, fresh ground pepper and a teaspoon of dried garlic flakes. I then added water to cover. This needs to sit a few hours before using.

I toasted some ciabatta bread in a little olive oil and had some good Irish cheddar to top the burgers. I did them my favorite way on the Traeger for ½ hour at 300 deg. I then added the cheese for a few minutes to melt.

My wife had mustard and dill pickle on her sandwich and I had just mustard on my Kimchi burger.

The burgers and salad went well together. I liked the Kimchi mixed in with the ground chuck!

Salad Mixed up

Chopped Kimchi for my burger

Burgers made up

Ready to add the cheese

Ready to serve

My Salad

My Burger

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