Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ham Salad Sandwich and a Salad

July, 19 2013

I smoked a ham shank the other day to make ham salad. It was some good smoked ham from Kah Meats.

My wife makes the ham salad and used hard boiled eggs, Hellman’s Mayo, sweet pickle relish and some mustard. She does not have a recipe; she just mixes it up and adjusts until she gets it right. It always comes out good. I ground up about 2 ½ pounds of the ham and added three eggs to the grinder too. I use the coarse grinding die; we don’t like it too mushy.

I vacuum sealed the ham bone and some of the meat to use with green beans and potatoes next week.

I had a loaf of Italian bread for the sandwiches. My wife had the ham salad on bread with tomatoes on the side. I made myself a salad, toasted the bread, a thin slice of Vidalia onion, ham salad and a slice of tomato! I had a second sandwich on the bread untoasted.

It hit the spot on a hot summer day. I will take some of it to my Mom and we will have lunches or snacks the next few days.  I like it on crackers or pita chips too.


Grinding meat and eggs

Ready for my wife to add her touch

Ready to serve

My Salad

My Sandwich

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