Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rib Eyes on my Grill Grates

July 26, 2013

Yesterday I bought two nice rib eyes at my butchers, Kah Meats, to fix tonight. I also cut some chives from my garden and made four sticks of my gorgonzola chive garlic butter. It would go great on the steaks and on some fresh corn on the cob.

This morning I got a dozen ears of white corn from Sutters, picked fresh this morning. After lunch I shucked the corn and saved out 4 of the smaller ears for supper. I boiled the other 9 ears for 4 minutes and then in ice water to cool. I cut it off the cob and had 3 one pound bags. It went in the freezer and I’ll vacuum seal it tomorrow. I will get two more dozen bi-color tomorrow to do up for freezing. That will taste good a few months from now.

For the first time doing steaks on my Grill Grates I placed a probe at grill level to check the temp. I don’t have an IR gun so that’s the best I could do. I fired up my Traeger and eased it up to 375 deg. I let it warm up for about a half hour. I had 378 deg. on my RTD and 433 on the grill level probe; 55 deg. hotter.
I put the rib eyes on for 5 minutes per side, adding some of my gorgonzola butter the last two minutes. The steaks had nice grill marks.

I had the corn in my steamer and some marinated cucumbers, tomatoes and onions for a side. The steaks were delicious, a just right med-rare, and nice and juicy! The corn was good along with the gorgonzola butter and some ground pepper. I think the white is more tender than yellow or bi-color.

Corns on

Rib Eyes

Comparing temps

Marinated Salad


On the smoker

Just right for me

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