Thursday, July 18, 2013

Brats and Corn on the Cob

July 17 2013

It doesn’t get much better than brats and fresh corn on the cob. I had some fresh brats from my butcher Kah Meats and corn picked fresh this morning from Sutter’s little red wagon. Convenient too, both are close to my house. The only thing that could have been better is a little cooler weather; it hit 94 when I was cooking!

I stuffed a Vidalia onion to have on the brats along with, dill pickles, tomatoes and some Saucy Sows wing sauce. It is sweet pepper mustard with a little zing.

I had some white truffle oil butter left from doing popcorn for the corn along with parmesan, salt, and pepper. I also used some of the butter on the cheese rolls to toast for the brats.

I thought the onion and corn needed to hang out longer than the brats so I got them on my Traeger at 275 deg. for a half hour. Then the brats went on and back down to smoke mode for a half hour. I put the cast iron grate, from my Weber Q100, on for the brats. I have some grill grates in the mail coming.

I then went back to 275 deg. for a half hour then 300 deg. for the last half hour. I pulled it all off and toasted the cheese rolls for the brats. The cheese rolls were plenty wide so I split them and sliced off some of the top off to butter and toast for the brats.

It all hit the spot and my wife said she liked the Saucy Sows sauce on the brats. The truffle oil butter really added to the entire flavor for me. The white truffle oil is expensive; $12 for 8 oz. but it should go a long ways. For the butter just add 3 teaspoons to a stick of butter.

Onion, cored, sliced, some chicken bouillon granules and Penzey's garlic flakes

Some butter and Penzey's old world seasoning

Corn in salt water

On the smoker

All done

For the brats

My Brat and Corn

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