Friday, July 1, 2016

St. Hubert's Chicken Poutine

Jun 30 2016

Ever since the LTBBQ Ohio Gathering Scallywag gave me two cans of his favorite St. Hubert’s poutine gravy I have wanted to make some. I wanted to make my own fries too so needed good weather to do them outside. I don’t like to deep fry anything inside.

I did a brined spatchcocked chicken yesterday and pulled it for some chicken poutine. I had seasoned it with some Pappy’s Choice and stuffed some bacon and seasoning under the breast skin. It turned out good.

I hand cut some large russet potatoes for the fries and put them in a beer salt brine for about 4 hours, rinsed and dried well to fry. For the oil I used half vegetable oil and half lard in a 6 quart CI Dutch oven and basket. I also used shredded mozzarella instead of cheese curds. Scally said they like it better since it gets all gooey. I don’t have access to fresh cheese curds anyway to try the crunchy taste.

My wife made us a small salad & I had some blue cheese dressing on it and we toasted some English muffins.

I had the gravy heating in a saucepan and some of the pulled chicken heating in a skillet. I fried a batch of potatoes for the wife and served her then made up some for myself.

The wife and I both thought it was some delicious poutine. At first I thought I could have used more cheese on mine then 3 times the wife had to tell me I had cheese hanging from my chin! I had enough muffin left to sop up all the good gravy left on my plate!  Thanks for the gravy Scally!

The chicken

For the poutine

My salad

My supper

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