Thursday, June 30, 2016

Grilled Bologna Sandwich and a Bacon Cocktail

Jun 29 2016

I did a brined spatchcocked chicken to pull for tomorrow night’s supper. I threw on some smoked jowl bacon to use for my supper tonight.

My wife went with her Aunt and a cousin to a progressive church dinner tonight. They went to 4 different churches for the courses. She said it was good.

I wanted a fried bologna sandwich and saw a perfect side to experiment with. I saw on Wing Commanders blog a Rib Cocktail he made up. Wing Commander is a fellow member of LTBBQ. He had beans in the bottom of a glass, topped with slaw a slice of bacon and a rib with a ring of corn on the cob hung like lemon on the glass. Mine would be a little plainer with just 2 slices of bacon. I didn’t want to make a batch of slaw so I got a cup from Sandman when I got beer today. His is pretty good.

For the bacon cocktail I had a small can of Bush’s Grilled Beans, browned some bacon and onions then added the beans. I fried the old fashioned bologna on my Weber Spirit on grill grates and toasted the bun. My sandwich was a little mustard, a slice of Vidalia onion, the bologna, some bacon, a slice of Tennessee tomato and some more mustard on the top bun.

My cocktail was the beans in a ball pint jar, two slices of jowl bacon and the slaw. It looked pretty good. Surprisingly I thought the beans and slaw tasted good mixed together. Would I make it again; probably not but had to try it. Thanks for the idea Wing Commander. I knew the sandwich would be good!

Click Here to see Wing Commanders Version

The bacon about done

Bologna and buns on the grill

My sandwich

Bacon cocktail

My supper



  1. Hi Don, your bacon cocktail (and anything else) looks delicious. Try the cocktail with some pulled pork (I used pulled rib meat) with BBQ sauce between the beans and the slaw. Hermann

    1. Thanks Hermann! I forgot you had some pulled pork in yours. Don