Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Goat Meat Sandwich & Marinated Salad

July 05 2016

It was a nice day and a lazy day for me; you can have these when you’re retired! I watered some new grass seed I had planted where I had two trees removed and my tomatoes. The wife went to her water exercises this afternoon and the grandson stopped in and watered flowers for us.

I didn’t need to cook since I had leftover goat meat and meatloaf from the week-end cooking. Yesterday I had made a marinated tomato, cucumber and onion salad that is best after overnight anyway.

My wife had the meatloaf and salad. I had the goat meat in a sandwich and salad. After having the goat meat in Gyros I knew it was pretty stringy and even though it was fall apart tender it didn’t pull apart very easy to eat in a sandwich. I took out enough meat for plenty on my sandwich and chopped it up some.

I heated a skillet and toasted a bun then heated up the meat in the skillet. I had some Maille Dijon mustard on the sandwich. It is pretty sharp, almost like horseradish but it’s not an ingredient.

That was a delicious sandwich. If I didn’t know it was goat I would probably guess pulled pork shoulder.

If you have never tried goat and have access to some good goat meat give it a try.

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