Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mom's BLT's and Custard Cornbread

July 17 2016

I call these Mom’s BLT’s because that’s how she made them, with white bread. Back then white bread, usually Sunbeam or Wonder Bread, was used for our bread and butter, toast and sandwich buns. I like them this way sometimes.

I fried the bacon on my Traeger at 300 deg. grill level and took about 50 minutes. I had Romaine lettuce and some Tennessee tomatoes for the sandwiches. I had leftover potato salad too.

I have been seeing a recipe for custard cornbread I wanted to try. I took a shortcut though and used a cornbread mix with a cup of corn and poured the cup of cream in the middle instead of making from scratch. It took 35 minutes at 350 deg. It looked great out of the oven but I didn’t have any custard in the center. Mine came out just like cornbread. I will have to make one from scratch and see how it does.

I made up my BLT with mustard on the bottom, about 8 slices of bacon, two tomato slices and lettuce, with Mayo on the top bread. Sure tasted good, never get tired of bacon!  

The cornbread was not a flop though, the wife said the best cornbread I ever baked!

Cooking the bacon

Ingredients for the cornbread

Adding the heavy cream

All done

Building my BLT

My supper

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