Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's Eve Dinner 2015

Dec 31 2015

It is a New Year now and our New Year’s Eve dinner was spaghetti with scallops and white wine, a salad and some toasted cheese topped English muffins.

Last year did not end well for us; my daughter from my first marriage had a bad stroke Dec. first and is in the hospital. It will be a miracle if she ever gets to go home. She is just 55 years old. My wife and I were happy that we had our kids and grandson here for the holidays; it helped cheer us up.

Our son and wife went to see his half-sister at the hospital that is an hour and half drive from here. The grandson stayed with us. They came down here after dinner.

I made my cheese English muffins, butter and garlic seasoning topped with some parmesan Ramona cheese and toasted under the broiler. I had found the recipe for the spaghetti with scallops and white wine at and changed it slightly. Instead of tarragon I used some Penzey’s Tuscan Sunset seasoning and had some Swahili lemon pepper seasoning. I got the seasoning from my wife’s cousin who works for WHO in S. Africa.

I did not get many pics of the cooking process; it went too fast for this ole man! I will give a link to the recipe. My wife, daughter, grandson and I liked the meal. The sea scallops were U12 I bought at Sam’s Club. I didn’t get them browned like I wanted but they were not over done either and tasted great!

After our meal we all settled down and watched football. Later we popped some Amish white popcorn and had some drinks. We had a great time. Our son, wife and grandson went home about 10:30. I managed to stay up until mid-night to ring in the New Year. First time I did that in ages! I think my wife helped me get to bed; the Tito’s vodka was going down well!

Right now I have my New Year’s good luck meal; pork and kraut, cooking in the Crockpot. The kids are coming down for dinner, supper to me. It will be a good times starting out the New Year!

I hope all of you have a great 2016; live in peace, enjoy family and friends and eat some good food!

Click here for link to recipe

For the pasta

Shallots and seasoning

Scallops drying on paper towels

Scallops cooked and in the oven to keep warm.
Deglazing with the wine, shallots and
seasoning added and ready for the pasta.

My salad

My dinner,(supper)

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