Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Chilly Out so Chili In for Supper

Jan 19 2016

It was more than chilly it was cold; never got above 15 deg. so the chili in tasted good. The last time I made chili I got it too hot so the wife would not eat it. This time I followed my Wendy’s style recipe. I usually add the dry seasoning to the meat as I brown it. This time I tried a can of Bush’s Chili Magic Starter; beans with seasoning so I waited and adjusted later.

After cooking about an hour I tasted it and had to add 2 tablespoons of chili powder and a teaspoon of cumin. I left a second can of beans out this time for a meatier chili. I think I would also forget the Bush’s Magic and do my own seasoning too.  I let it simmer for 3 hours as I like to do.

The chili tasted great; I had some 4 state shredded cheddar and some of my homemade crème fraiche on mine and some buttered saltines with it. I had a Shiner’s IPA to wash it down.  My wife liked this batch of chili.

Click Here for printable recipe


Celery and onions

Browning the beef

Chili is ready

My supper

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