Thursday, January 28, 2016

Beer and Horseradish Mustard

Jan 28 2016

Yesterday I had my Ghee on cooking and was getting ingredients ready to make the mustard and didn’t realize I was supposed to let the beer, mustard seeds, and dry mustard mix set for four hours.  It was getting too late so I just let it set for an hour.

I found the recipe for brat bites and beer, horseradish mustard at Epicurious by Bruce Aidell. He makes some good sausage and brats found in groceries. There was a recipe for the brat bites too but I will just use some of my butcher’s brats when I get ready to make them. I wanted to make the mustard to try first.

I didn’t have brown mustard seeds so used yellow.  I used my new Ninja food processor to puree the beer and mustard seed mix. I did it until it looked like I still had some seeds left whole. I thought a third cup of horseradish was too much so I used two heaping tablespoons. I thought the mustard cooked well and liked how the cornstarch thickened it at the end.

I had some leftover ham and a brat bun to try the mustard on for my supper. I toasted the brat bun, warmed the ham in the skillet, added some med. cheddar goat cheese and melted under the broiler.
I thought the mustard was one of the best I have made and will try it again. Next time may throw in another Tbs. of horseradish. Our daughter had it with some chicken fingers and said it was good

Click Here for link to recipe


Beer mix, salt, pepper and cornstarch

Cooking over water

Cornstarch added to thicken

In the jar


Good on the sandwich!

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