Friday, August 14, 2015

Panzanella and Toasted Cheese Sandwich

Aug 13 2015

This is a good dish to use up those garden tomatoes and bread; I had both. I adapted a recipe from Giada of Food Network and had it made up at 3:00 to set until supper time at 6:00. I cooked the tomatoes and pepper strips on my Traeger and toasted the bread on my Weber Spirit.

I had two hamburger buns to use so told the wife I would do some toasted cheese sandwiches to go with the tomatoes. I sliced the tops off the buns, added two slices of baby Swiss cheese, sprayed with some olive oil and toasted them on my weber. I got them a little over-toasted!

My over-toasted cheese wasn’t too bad and the panzanella was delicious!

Click here for printable Panzanella recipe


Toasting the bread

Roasting the tomatoes and peppers

All in to mix

Mixed up

The layered dish

My supper

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