Sunday, January 15, 2012

Use up some leftovers night!

I know I dedicate this site to pellet smoker cooking but I can’t always cook on my smoker. I thought this winter if I came up with something good I would share it. Tonight I needed to use up some leftovers. I had some smoked ham, I had bought, to use, & a few little baby gold potatoes. My wife’s cousin had also given us a head of cauliflower and some sliced mushrooms that needed used.

I just got my winter 2012 catalog from Penzey’s spices and it had the perfect recipe for potatoes & cauliflower I could use. That would take care of the potatoes & cauliflower.
I searched Food net and Saveur for a recipe that would have ham & mushrooms in it. I couldn’t find any so I decided to wing it & make up my own. I would do a stir fry with the ham & mushrooms & include some of my Peru sweet onions. My seasonings would be Penzey’s granulated garlic, some white balsamic vinegar, and salt & pepper.

I made up the cauliflower & potatoes early & would re-heat for supper. I placed the potatoes, about 6 of the baby gold, in salted water & boiled for about 10 minutes then added the cut up cauliflower & boiled another 10 minutes. I drained them & placed the potatoes back in the pan w/a pat of butter & mashed course. I then added the cauliflower & mashed it up some, added about ½ cup of Swiss cheese, the garlic, stirred & let set awhile for the cheese to melt. I then added a little milk & stirred, I didn’t use ½ cup as the recipe called for, thought it would make it too runny. I didn’t have the Brady Street Cheese sprinkle either so I added some Penzey’s sandwich sprinkle. I placed it in the fridge & would re-heat with some shredded Mexican blend cheese on top.

My potatoes & cauliflower

When it was supper time I sliced a Peru sweet onion, sautéed in some olive oil & butter and a sprinkle of sugar until it was beginning to brown up, added some granulated garlic & stirred. I removed it from the pan for later.

Add some olive oil & the mushrooms, cook until mushrooms are giving up some liquid, add a few splashes of white balsamic vinegar, let steam & stir. Add a little salt & pepper.. Remove from the skillet & save.

Add some oil if needed then the ham, cook until the ham is starting to brown up.

Add the onions & mushrooms back to the skillet & stir until heated through.

Heat some plated potatoes & cauliflower for 1 minute in microwave, add some cheese, and another 30 seconds to melt. Add some of the ham, mushroom, & onions and serve.

My Plate

Total cook time for the ham, mushrooms, & onions was about a half hour.
Tasted good & now I have a ham & mushroom recipe.
Smokin Don

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