Friday, January 6, 2012

Mary's Old Fashioned Bread Pudding

Mary’s cooking blog, “Deep South Dish”, is one of the first cooking blogs that caught my eye. I bookmarked it and go back time and time again for recipes & ideas for my cooking. I used her microwave roux recipe to make gumbo. Anyone knows for a flavorful southern gumbo it needs roux added. Check out her blog for great recipes.

Lately her recipe for old fashioned southern bread pudding caught my eye. I don’t do many desserts but this looked like something I could do. My wife loves bread pudding and I had a ½ lb of French bread left that needed used. I don’t like to freeze my bread so when it gets old it is usually fed to the birds. This time I had a good use for it.

She did one with meringue bit I did the one without. Very easy to make, if I can do it anyone can! The whiskey sauce is a must; I only used ½ TBS of whiskey and didn’t tell my wife it was in there. If she knew she would have been able to taste it! As it was she didn’t say a word. I told her it would be the best bread pudding she ever ate. I tell her that a lot about my cooking! This time it was true I think. After serving her a warm piece she took it to the living room where she was watching TV, this was her words “this is good, no It’s really good, no this is YUMMY”. Later she said it may be the best she ever ate! Mary said to pour the sauce over individual pieces. This would make nice presentation; but I just sliced it in the dish then poured the sauce over.

Thanks Mary for the recipe, Nancy said thanks too! Here are some photos of my effort.

Ready for the oven

Done baking & sauce added

My Wife's Plate

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  1. Hi Don,
    I too am a fan of “Deep South Dish” - so many great ideas over there.
    Your bread pudding looks amazing, bravo!