Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Smokestack's Wings

For last night’s supper I did wings. I found this recipe at Saveur.com and knew from the mix of seasonings they had to be good. I bought about 3 lbs of wings, mixed my seasoning, & coated the wings and in the fridge for about 5 hours. I left out the cayenne pepper since my wife does not like hot. I figured I would get enough heat from the sauce mix that I would add to mine. I only did half the hot sauce, butter mix since I wasn’t doing my wife’s wings.

I was having sweet potatoes with mine & the wife was having some of my leftover potato cauliflower mash & cornbread with hers. I cut a sweet potato in half, butter & brown sugar over & wrapped in foil.

I got the sweet potatoes & wings on at 5:00, 225 deg. At 5:25 I tossed 8 of the wings in the hot sauce mix & back on the grill. I then brushed some butter on my wife’s 7 wings & went to 250 deg. At 5:45 I went to 300 deg since I didn’t think they were coming along that good. At 6:00 I checked them, flipped & decided to do another 10 minutes.

My wife & I both loved these wings. I thought they were the best or among the best wings I ever had. The recipe called for the wings tossed in the sauce before serving & I didn’t do that. After eating 5 of them I had enough of the sauce left to dip one in & try. It was good & I would probably prefer adding the cayenne in the seasoning & doing the second toss in the sauce when I do them again. This is definitely a keeper recipe.

Link for wing recipe

Wings seasoned

After a half hour at 225 deg.

Ready to serve

My Plate

Smokin Don

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